Preys Personified: Church’s Out

Stunning, confident, and astute New York Businesswoman Victoria Malcolm loves God with all her heart. She is the epitome of every man’s dreams – according to her girlfriends.

Nicholas Parker – the handsome, debonair businessman, and brother of Veronica’s best friend Sarai – has a heart of gold but an ever-wandering eye for women. He owns the reputation of being a playboy. Victoria is uncertain about what she means to him but undeniably she knows her heart skips a beat every time she hears his voice and her palms begin to sweat each time she is in his presence.

Richard Washington, handsome CEO, and millionaire can get any woman he wants. He, however, has set his eyes and mind on Victoria Malcolm. To the outside world, Richard seems to be the perfect guy; Be that as it may, he has a secret that puts everyone in harm’s way.

A tangled web is about to be woven. Who will survive?



Publication Date:

October 18, 2021