Balanced Undergraduate

“Balance Undergraduate is a blueprint of how to balance academics, extra-curriculum-activities, skills, talent development, entrepreneurship and many more as a student. It lays a great emphasis on self-development strategies for increasing employability. Just the best shot!!!

The book explains how to combine academics and self-development beyond the classroom limits. Here it addressed the following topics:
  • Debunking the myths about career, career choices, and education
  • Skills ( soft and hard) are needed in the labor market of the ever-dynamic 21st Century and beyond. Here the book looked into collaborative skills, leadership, conflict resolution, critical thinking, initiatives, social skills, networking, effective communication skills, troubleshooting, and other soft skills. It also gives highlights the importance of hard skills for students like copywriting, graphics designing, etc.
  • Opportunities for students (scholarships, student-internships, volunteers, freelancing, business startups, online learning, and skills)
  • Platforms, where students can sell their skills and make good money, are explained too.
  • Time management was duly explained
  • The importance of attitude and friendship are discussed thoroughly. Here, the book looks at professional etiquette, how to leverage friendship for better opportunity exploitation, and increased employability.

“Balance undergraduate” changes the orientation of every reader and directs all on the best practices which a student can adopt in school to attain balance in academics and extra-curriculum activities.

Publication Date:

February 6, 2021