Our Story

We started KBP to enable independent and talented authors to publish their books and allow greater visibility and readership. KBook Publishing helps authors create, publish, and market their books to the best of its ability.

richard abner

Kevin Richard

Founder and CEO

Kevin is the founder and CEO of KBook Publishing and oversees all the publishing operations. With an extensive experience of 10 years in the publishing industry and editing numerous bestsellers, Kevin founded KBP in 2018 to serve independent authors globally and give them a platform where they can source potentially creative and informative books.

Prior to founding KBook Publishing, Mr. Kevin was the Editor-in-Chief of a publishing company in Louisiana, where he started his publishing career as soon as he graduated from college. Since then, Mr. Kevin has helped over 10,000 authors edit and publish their books and assisted in various marketing and legal aspects of self-publishing books in all genres.

Kevin has remained a devoted member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), where he contributed to several editorial and design operations. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from New York Univerisity and Master of Arts degree from the University of California. He has extensively written for The American Scholar, The Washington Post, and The New York Times Magazine. Kevin divides his time between Florida and Texas.


Shawn Miller

Publishing Consultant

Anton Garcia, Publishing Consultant and Vice President of Operations, oversees the company’s print and digital operations, distribution, creative activity, information technology, administration, operations, supply chain, and facilities management. Since being appointed as the publishing consultant, he has extensively contributed to the company and helped manage the publishing and marketing of several books.

Garcia joined KBP as the Editor in Chief and assumed responsibilities for the creative operations in late 2019 when the company received a huge influx of new manuscripts from several independent authors worldwide. He established the Digital Publishing Services group as part of his creative operations in 2020.

Prior to joining KBook Publishing, Garcia was the Director of Business Operations at Penguin Putnam Inc. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Literature from the University of California, Berkeley, and his Master of Arts from the University of Michigan.

david morrow

David Marrow

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

David Marrow is Senior Vice President of Human Resources and is responsible for managing all aspects of the Human Resources functions for KBook Publishing worldwide.

Prior to joining KBP, Zandra served as Chief People Officer for several renowned companies across the United States. Throughout his career, he has held senior executive positions and led HR teams across a wide range of industries, including technology, e-commerce, media, advertising, energy, hospitality, and professional services. In addition to her diverse HR background, Marrow also holds an Economics degree from the University of Florida and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Michigan.

Marrow resides in Florida with his wife and two kids and enjoys skateboarding.

alexandria white

Alexandria White

Marketing Director

Alexandria White was named Marketing Director of KBook Publishing in December 2019. All KBook adult, children’s, and audio divisions are covered by her company-wide and cross-divisional marketing responsibilities, such as advertising, promotion, book clubs, retailing, and library marketing.

Moreover, White oversees all activities and functions of KBP Digital, including the company’s international and domestic consumer and business-to-business digital properties, direct marketing, email, and social media platforms. Besides overseeing sales operations, she is also in charge of client service.

White joined KBook Publishing as the Director of Sales Operations and assumed the responsibilities of Marketing Director in 2019. Prior to joining KBP, she handled customer operations at various publishing companies for 8 years before starting her marketing career.

White is a business graduate from Loyola University in New Orleans, and she resides in Tampa.

Ashley Ying

Ashley Ying

Production Manager

Ashley Ying was named Production Manager at KBook Publishing. She oversees all KBP’s editorial, production, and distribution activities, as well as the sales, marketing, and marketing efforts of the company’s self-publishing divisions.

In Ying’s tenure at KBook Publishing, revenues and market share have doubled, particularly through a substantial expansion of the local publishing program and the distribution network.

Ashley Ying began her career at Hachette Book Group in France, holding positions in sales management and publicity and as the company’s Project Management Director. She then joined Penguin Books, where she successfully ran the business and operation divisions and greatly increased the distribution of over 100 self-published books.

Ashley earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from New York State University. She lives in Austin with her husband.

mike williams

Mike Williams

Communications and Support Specialist

Mike Williams joined KBook Publishing as a Communication and Customer Support Specialist. Since then, he has effectively provided support to over 100 daily customers at domestic and international levels.

Williams has always been keen on offering his full attention to all people he comes across on daily basis, providing great care and empathy. He started his customer support career in high school and worked at several local and corporate companies as a Director of Communications.

Williams graduated from the University of Florida and resides in West Palm Beach.

Some Reasons About KBP That Make Us Different

1. Quick publishing process: 8 weeks or less

2. One project manager for each client: from start to finish

3. Being personable: no canned responses/emails

4. Reasonable prices

5. Giving authors an option to take over the reigns of their marketing: by coaching them on how to do this on their own. Authors love control over their creative work, so they should be allowed to make a decision to outsource 100% of their book marketing to a company like ours, do it 100% on their own or any other ratio of outsourcing in between.

6. Diverse book marketing options: from bookmarks, author websites to book signing event scheduling

Now we have grown into a small group of writers, editors, illustrators and marketers, who have banded together to help authors fulfill their dream of making their book come alive and reach the hearts of their fans.