Book Marketing Services

Book Marketing Services for Self-Published Authors

To help self-published authors make the best of their publishing journeys, our book publicity and book marketing services are tailored to fit your specific goals that will make for a successfully self-published book. Team up with an expert and professional book marketer from our team and collaborate efficiently to garner that attention that your book deserves.

Book Marketing Services

Our Expert Book Marketers Ensure a Successful Marketing Journey

Marketing a book can be tricky. You want to engage readers, but if you sell yourself too hard, it can come off as arrogant or even slimy. How do you balance the need for exposure with the desire for credibility? How do you attract readers without being irritating?

Our expert book marketers will create a book marketing plan that is tailored to your book goals and vision. We will help you build your platform, connect with influencers in your space and increase sales.

We are the book marketing experts who have worked with bestselling authors, top startups, and many successfully self-published authors. Let us help you achieve your business goals.

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Why Choose Professional Book Marketing Services?

If you’re on the fence about self-publishing a book, getting your books across thousands if not millions of readers may be a goal that you want to achieve. Like many other authors, you also dream about professional book marketing services that can help you sell more books and make more money, but they can also cost a lot of money. KBook takes pride in offering struggling authors a chance to benefit from affordable book marketing services entice their readers into reading more of their work.

Our leading book marketing company offers a strategic book marketing service to various authors and genres to help them level up and compete in this overly saturated and competitive industry. We help you promote your books on social media and other platforms through effective book marketing strategies and campaigns.

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Engage Your Target Audience and Boost Your Book Sales

One of the best ways to engage more readers and generate book sales is to create a successful book marketing plan. Book marketing is often overlooked by many indie authors. However, if you want to successfully sell the books you self-publish, you need to find readers who will make your dreams of becoming successful possible. There is no better way to find readers than through an effective book marketing plan.

KBook helps you put together a book marketing plan to determine who your target audience is. Understanding the kind of readers who may enjoy your genre will help you develop a marketing strategy that reaches them effectively. We help young authors have a clear understanding of their target readers and craft their stories with this audience in mind. By combining this concept with the right tools to promote your book, our team of marketers focuses on trending and proven strategies to help spread the word.

Our Book Publicity Services

Our book marketing professionals not only help market and promote your books on various platforms but also help attract media coverage to your self-published or traditionally published books. Whether you have a book that needs to get attention or are focused on your next book launch, our book marketing services will make sure your books get sold. We also ensure that the right media coverage is attracted to help you build your brand and gain recognition.

Tailored to your requirements, our services are flexible and scalable, allowing you to use our entire range of expertise or just a part of it. We take care of everything for you, from writing press releases and arranging media interviews to helping spread the word about your book online. As well as offering traditional PR services and best seller campaigns, we also offer a wide variety of social media marketing services including Twitter, Facebook, and email marketing, which are beneficial to both publishers and authors.

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