What are Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) and How to Create One?

Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) are like public relations packages sent to book bloggers, book reviewers, library staff, magazines, and other people who are influential in the book world. Just like businesses collaborate with content creators by sending them their products, authors and publishers use advance reader copies or review copies as a marketing tool to […]

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How To Self Publish a Book On Amazon

Self-publishing has been a game-changer for new authors and aspiring writers. It has opened doors to new publishing opportunities and given more ways to authors to get their stories heard. Unlike traditional publishing where you have to go miles to satisfy the strict publishing guidelines to receive a contract, anyone can self-publish a book regardless […]

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Hardcover vs Paperback: What’s The Difference?

When buying books at a store or online, you may have encountered two types of books, namely hardcover and paperback books, and wondered what makes these two different. You may have also thought, why are there two types of books and not just one. Well, there are some major differences between the two, and the […]

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