Book Publishers in Kentucky

Louisville, a city by the Ohio River, is famous for its cool writing history and lively culture. People love it for bourbon, horse races, and fun festivals. Louisville also has lots of books being published, which brings in writers and book fans from all over the place.

Top Book Publishing Companies in Kentucky

Kbook Publishing

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Kbook Publishing has helped authors in many cities and states across the United States. Our top choice is the Classic Plan, where you can publish your book with the help, knowledge, and support of the Kbook Publishing Team.
Address: Crockett, KY 41413, United States.  Email:

About Kbook Publishing.

Louisville has had some important writers, and one big thing about the city is its link to Hunter S. Thompson. He was a famous American writer and journalist who spent a lot of time in Louisville and got ideas from the city for his well-known book “The Gonzo Papers.” Thompson’s special way of writing and his impact on journalism have made a lasting mark on American literature.

The city has a lively book publishing scene, with many publishing companies and independent bookshops adding to its book world. Louisville throws the Kentucky Book Fair every year, a cool event that highlights local writers and celebrates the joy of reading. Also, the Filson Historical Society, like a research place and museum, keeps and shares the area’s history, including its writing legacy.

Sarabande Books Inc.

Book publisher in Louisville, Kentucky
Address: 735 Lampton St, Louisville, KY 40203, United States
Hours: Open ⋅ 10 am–5 pm
Phone: +1 502-458-4028

Smiley Pete Publishing

Address: 434 Old Vine St, Lexington, Kentucky, 40507
Areas served: United States and nearby areas
Hours: Open ⋅ 9 am–5 pm
Phone: +1 859-266-6537

University Press of Kentucky

Book publisher in Lexington, Kentucky
Located in: University of Kentucky
Address: 663 S Limestone, Lexington, KY 40508, United States
Hours: Open ⋅ 8 am–5 pm
Phone: +1 859-257-7919

Butler Books

Areas served: Kentucky
Hours: Open ⋅ 8 am–5 pm
Address: P.O. Box 7311 Louisville, KY 40257
Phone: +1 502-897-9393

Elite Publishing Company

Book Publisher in Prestonsburg, Kentucky
Address: Prestonsburg, KY 41653, United States
Hours: Open 24 hours

MicroPress Books – Community Publications

Address: 18 N Ft Thomas Ave suite 105, Fort Thomas, KY 41075, United States
Hours: Open ⋅ 9 am–5 pm
Phone: +1 859-291-1412

Reformation Publishers

Publisher in Prestonsburg, Kentucky
Address: 242 University Dr, Prestonsburg, KY 41653, United States
Phone: +1 800-765-2464

Wasteland Press

Address:18 Village Ln #177, Shelbyville, KY 40065, United States
Areas served: United States
Hours: Open ⋅9 am–5 pm
Phone: +1 502-437-0860

Online Cashback Shopper

Book Publisher in Mayfield, Kentucky
Address: Mayfield, KY 42066, United States
Hours: Open 7 am–7 pm

Royce Publications

Publisher in Lexington, Kentucky
Address: 733 Allendale Dr, Lexington, KY 40503, United States
Hours: Open ⋅ 9 am–5 pm
Phone: +1 859-219-9861

Reformation Publishers, Inc.

Address: 14 S Queen St, Mt Sterling, KY 40353, United States
Phone: +1 859-274-4364

The Allen Johnson Group

Areas served: Blue Grass
Address: 976 Valley Farm Dr, Lexington, KY, 40511, United States
Phone: +1 859-270-5871

Sweet, Sweet Sorghum

Address: 250 Campsie Pl, Lexington, KY 40508,, United States
Phone: (919) 732-7024

Pioneer Publishing

Address: 301 E High St, Lexington, KY 40507, United States
Areas served: United States
Hours: Open ⋅ 8:30 a m–5:30 pm
Phone: +1 866-356-5128