Ghostwriting Packages

Ghostwriting Services was created with one sole purpose in mind: to give top-notch yet affordable services and a collaborative platform for aspiring and struggling authors and businesses. By struggling, we mean working with people to identify better ways of writing books and producing content for their platforms that promotes their growth and success.

Ghostwriting Packages

Our Ghost Writing Packages

Since the inception of Ghostwriting Services, various services have been added to include different types of ghostwriting and aid many individuals, authors, and personal brands. Our professional writers have designed ghostwriting packages to serve each individual and company well. We also create customized packages to include a combination of ghostwriting services that offer flexible payment methods to make all your writing needs convenient. You can choose your preferable ghostwriting package from the following list:

Ghostwriting Standard Ghostwriting
Premium Ghostwriting
with (Publishing)
Elite Ghostwriting
with (Publishing & Promotion)
Price for Full-Length Book $1,500/m For 3 months $2,000/m For 3 months $5,000/m For 3 months
NYT Award-Winning Ghostwriter - -
Complete Publishing Package -
Book Cover Design -
Copyright Registration -
ISBN Assignment -
Professional Ghostwriting
Proofreading & Editing
Capture Book Ideas via Interviews
Author Bio for Book Cover and Online Author Pages
Full Ownership Rights & 100% Book Royalties
Revisions 2 rounds 3 rounds Unlimited
Worldwide Book Distribution & Availability -
KBP Bookstore Availability -
Personalized KBP Author Page -
Author Website Design -
Audiobook Creation & Distribution - -
Book Video Trailer - -
Amazon Bestseller Promotion - -
Author Profile setup on all Major Websites e.g: Goodreads, Bookbub etc - -
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How Does Our Ghostwriting Process Work?

Our ghostwriting process is quite simple. We have regularly improved the writing experience we provide to authors and individuals to provide them with smooth and hassle-free services. Follow the steps below to understand how we work:

  1. Book a free consultation: Click on “get a free quote” and fill the consultation form to give your basic details.
  2. Share our ghostwriting process is quite simple. We have regularly improved the writing experience we provide to authors and individuals to provide them with smooth and hassle-free services. Follow the steps below to understand how we work: your project details: Our customer representative gets in touch with you to receive your project outline and requirements.
  3. Schedule an interview: You’ll be assigned an experienced ghostwriter that best fits your requirements, followed by a detailed online interview.
  4. Collaborate with us: We start working on your project and update you about what’s going on. We regularly communicate with you to exchange feedback and ensure quality.
  5. Receive your final draft: We’ll send you the completed first draft for review. You can request a free revision within 2-3 days of receiving your project.

Please note that all our ghostwriters sign a non-disclosure agreement with authors, businesses, and individuals and respect clients property. We maintain strict confidentiality and the highest ghostwriting standards. Since the ideas and work will be yours, you will receive complete ownership and credit for the work we do.

Why Do You Need Professional Ghostwriting Services?

Ghostwriting has been around for centuries. A ghostwriter is a writer who writes a work for another person, usually keeping their name off the writing. Ghostwriters are typically hired to write fiction and nonfiction books, but they can also be hired to help with corporate communications, speeches, or articles.

A professional ghostwriter has a solid background in their specialty area and can help you communicate your message effectively. They are native English speakers and know how to organize your thoughts into an easy-to-read manuscript that’s clear and concise. A ghostwriter has strong connections in the publishing industry and can help you become a successfully published author.

Ghostwriting Services can help you provide a high level of service to your audience while maintaining the integrity of your business and brand. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider hiring one:

  • You need help writing a book that you’ve already started
  • You want to write a book yourself but don’t know where to start
  • You want to get your ideas out there but lack the time or ability to do it yourself
  • You want someone else to take over so you can focus on other aspects of your business

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Books Do You Entertain?

Our skilled ghostwriters can get every type of book written, be it a business book, non-fiction book, fiction book, or a life story. You can hire a ghostwriter with over a decade of experience in the industry who will dedicatedly work on your book and increase your chances of getting successfully accepted by a publisher. You just need to have a great idea. The rest will be dealt with by us so that you receive a finished book.

What Are Your Ghostwriting Rates?

The exact costs vary based on the services provided. But the most common range for a whole package is $4,500 to $15,000. Our costs also vary according to the preferred mode of payment, whether monthly or fixed.

Do I Own The Copyrights Of My Work?

Absolutely. The sole aim of this collaboration is to exchange our skills for a specific cost for mutual benefit and success. You will receive all the copyrights and ownership of your work.