Book Publishers in Vermont

Vermont, in the northeast of the United States, has a lively publishing scene. There are 32 notable publishing companies, both independent and established, contributing to the state’s literary culture. They publish works that showcase Vermont’s natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant communities.

Top Book Publishing Companies in Vermont

Kbook Publishing

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Kbook Publishing has helped authors in various cities and counties across California, from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Our go-to option is the Classic Plan, providing you with the guidance, expertise, and support of the Kbook Publishing Team for publishing your book.
Address: White River Junction, VT 05001, United States.  Email:

About Kbook Publishing.

Burlington played a crucial role in the Underground Railroad during the 19th century, providing a safe place for slaves seeking freedom. The Rokeby Museum now preserves this history. Besides its historical importance, Burlington is surrounded by beautiful natural sites like Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains. The city’s waterfront has parks and a bustling marketplace, while Church Street Marketplace, a pedestrian street, is the center of its lively cultural scene.

Chelsea Green Publishing

Publisher in Hartford, Vermont
Address: 85 N Main St, White River Junction, VT 05001, United States.
Hours: 9 am–5 pm
Phone: (802) 295-6300

Tuttle Publishing

Book publisher in Clarendon, Vermont
Located in: Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport
Address: 364 Innovation Dr, North Clarendon, VT 05759, United States.
Phone: (802) 773-8930

Lake Champlain Publishing Co

Address: 17 S Crest Dr, Burlington, VT 05401, United States.
Phone: (802) 864-7733

Inner Traditions International Ltd

Book publisher in Rochester, Vermont
Address: 1 Park Row, Rochester, VT 05767, United States.
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: (802) 767-3174

Pine Marten Press

Book publisher in Charlotte, Vermont
Address: 1696 Ferry Rd, Charlotte, VT 05445, United States.
Phone: (802) 349-0183

Magic Hill Press LLC

Address: 144 Magic Hill Rd, Hinesburg, VT 05461, United States.
Hours: 8 am–4 pm
Phone: (802) 482-3287

Trafalgar Square Books

Book publisher in Pomfret, Vermont
Address: 388 Howe Hill Rd, North Pomfret, VT 05053, United States.
Hours: 9 am–5 pm
Phone: (802) 457-1911

Destiny Books

Address: 1 Park St, Rochester, VT 05767, United States.
Phone: (802) 767-3174

Freedom Publications

Address: 58 Maple St, Middlebury, VT 05753, United States.
Phone: (802) 388-8458

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