Dark State (Jason Trapp Thriller Book 1)

If you come after the CIA’s most feared assassin, there’s one cardinal rule: Don’t miss.

Meet The Author

America is under attack. Thousands lie dead after simultaneous strikes across the country. The day will come to be known as Bloody Monday.

Jason Trapp, codename ‘Hangman’, was a covert operative whose feats became the stuff of legend. He was the tip of the spear—the man his country unleashed when all hope was lost.

Six months ago, someone sold him out. The Agency listed him as killed in action. He lost everything—and everyone—he held dear.

But Trapp’s not that easy to kill. As his country reels from the deadliest terrorist attacks it has ever witnessed, Trapp’s personal vendetta leads him right back to where he started: duty to his country. The violence, the terror, the assassination of his partner… It’s all connected.

And now the Hangman is coming for the guilty.


“Fans of Ryan, Reacher and Bourne will love betrayed CIA operative Jason Trapp, who stars in a pulse-pounding revenge thriller in 2019’s breakout hit.”

Note: Dark State was previously published as Deep State.

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Publication date

December 15, 2021