Love on the Internet

CAN YOU FIND LOVE ON THE INTERNET? Erick is a desperate young man who, late one evening, knocks on the door of his Uncle Andrew’s house in Sacramento with suitcase in hand. His life has been one of confusion, lack of direction and heartache…his girlfriend has just kicked him out, he is jobless and he’s not welcome at home. Uncle Andrew, who turns out to be a pretty cool guy, agrees to take him in but tells Erick that he must accept the house rules or hit the road.


The house rules aren’t so bad, Erick discovers. Soon he is spending evenings on an Internet gaming application that his uncle also routinely plays with online friends. One of Andrew’s friends, whom he has never met but chats with online, is Stacy, a college student in Texas. Erick and Stacy “meet” and begin a texting/chatting relationship that develops over the months into what they believe must be love, yet neither one can understand how love could happen without actually meeting. Erick asks to visit Stacy, she says no. Frustrated, Erick writes about their crazy on-line love in a book that becomes a hot seller. A book-signing tour leads him to Stacy’s college town…but the odds of finally meeting are not in his favor.

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March 19, 2024