SERENDIPITY: A Story of Love, Friendship and Family Secrets (Diamond Trilogy)

A seven-year-old Charlie stared at her father lying dead before her, she is holding the smoking gun – What’s the mystery surrounding the lives of Charlie Black and Oliver Diamond both ‘Now’ and ‘Then’? Set amidst exciting locations, a tale of revenge, family secrets, friendships, hustles, and bitcoins.

On a perfect day in 1984, Charlie spends her seventh birthday with her loving parents at Coney Island. But it’s a day that ends in tragedy. We jump forward to chart the lives of our two main characters Oliver and Charlie (Charlotte) Diamond. They wake up one day, knowing that they have something very important to do, something that will change their lives, forever. But, they are doing this without each other’s knowledge.

Oliver, a famous movie star, is blackmailed over a murder cover-up from when he first arrived in Hollywood as a fresh-faced, young actor. He finally must face his past. Charlie, a successful New York photographer has a mysterious family secret, and after crossing paths with her father’s killer, she enlists help from her trusty friends to exact her revenge.
Sprinkled with suspense, humor, and ‘page-turning cliff-hangers’.

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July 13, 2022