Surprise Trip

What happens when a wealthy and spoiled fashion blogger in Los Angeles receives as a birthday present from her friends, determined to distract her from a heartbreaking sentimental breakup, a coupon from an agency that organizes surprise group trips?

While the tour program remains mysterious, the beautiful Kimberly soon discovers, to her disappointment, not only that it is a “vacation adventure” that does not allow her to relax and wear her must-have five-inch heels, but also that she has to team up with Joshua, an Australian with the body of a Greek god and an insolent smile, with whom a mutual warm dislike soon arises, despite the undeniable physical attraction.
Between the gallant courtship of Pierre, a handsome French guy who is a member of the group, between the teasing of Joshua, who thinks of her as a capricious and superficial little girl, and between strenuous excursions into caves and forests, Kimberly must juggle an experience that could not be further from her concept of a vacation, but one that makes her heart begin to beat again.
For the two protagonists, now involved with each other, the surprises continue even after they reluctantly say goodbye and each returns to their own continent, because there are journeys whose true destination is not a place but a person, and because the world is big, but certain loves even more so.



Publication Date

July 8, 2022