The Ascension Guide: Channeled Messages From Archangel Ariah

This book is a collection of channeled messages from Archangel Ariah. Joe Martin went to have a past life regression done in July 2021 and from there his entire life changed. During his session he began to channel his guardian angel, Archangel Ariah. Through these sessions that took place between 23 July 2021 and 17 September 2021, Ariah makes it clear that they wish for Joe to write a book of the messages they were going to give him. These messages were recorded through each session and then transcribed by Joe.

Not only is the book chalked full of great information including: the soul’s purpose, what Earth is, the awareness of things going on around us, how to better protect our energy and on and on. It is also cleverly designed so that it is a conversation that flows and does not come off as preachy or dogmatic, but an interesting and fun learning process. Each session has its own uniqueness about it, and helps the readers to enjoy the experience that Joe, and his partner through this process Linda, went through, but also gathering all the information that is presented about the ascension process that is happening at the moment and more.

This book, and the books that will follow, are meant to be a guide for humanity. They are to help others along the way through this ascension process from the 3D to the 5D that is currently taking place on Earth. This book is not here to be the answers to everyones’ questions, but to open their mind’s and help them to see that there is much more out there, and to hopefully make them ask questions and come to their own conclusions about what is happening.