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KBook offers hardcover books in two formats, including glossy casebound and a dust jacket that are top quality and consist of a cover image adhered to the cover. This format is perfect for a book with a textured or detailed cover that would be damaged by the glue found in most paperback books. We print on the rigid stock using a sheetfed press to print high-quality hardcovers that last a long time.

Our glossy casebound print books consist of a glossy and full-colored cover image attached to the outside of your book. The dusk jacket format features a cloth cover of any color of your choice with digitally-printed gold ink on the spine of your book a premium quality dusk jacket with flaps. We print your author biography and book description on the inside flaps of the dusk jacket and assign a unique ISBN to your hardcover edition.

We Provide Your Readers with a Sophisticated and Aesthetic Reading Experience

Our books are printed in a high-quality, sophisticated manner. They’re perfect for a novel with a cover that’s delicate or detailed or for short stories or poetry collections. Our emphasis on aesthetics also invites readers to embrace emotionally evocative texts.

Because hardcovers are bought to be kept for a long time, KBook prints sturdy hardcover print versions of your books that your readers keep for a lifetime. There’s a special kind of value associated with hardbacks, and offering your readers a chance to admire both the inside and outside of your precious work is what KBook loves to do!

Helping Authors Publish and Promote with Success

KBook is an online book publishing solution that allows you to publish, format, and sell your book through digital bookstores. KBook’s web-based book publishing service will enable you to create books that are ready for digital distribution, print-on-demand printing, and eBooks.

For aspiring authors who would like to share their life experiences with the world, KBook provides a means for you to publish and promote your books with success. The use of KBook’s self-publishing platform allows anyone to write a book on virtually any topic and make it available in both print and eBook formats.

We provide a unique approach to book publishing that enables new authors to quickly and easily publish their books using our easy-to-use website interface and an expert team of editors, publishers, artists, and marketers who have years of industry experience.

If you have a finished manuscript and are sure that it is time to publish, you have come to the right place. We have helped many authors publish their books with success. KBook’s hardcover printing services use the highest-quality materials available, including 100% recycled papers and vegetable-based inks. Both the paper and the printing are 100% environmentally friendly. Our printed books are perfect for libraries, schools, bookstores, or any other commercial or personal use where durability is a factor.