What Your Professors Won’t Tell You: Political Correctness Meets Social Science

What would happen if the politically correct and “woke” left faced facts? Instead of perpetuating myths about oppressed people and promoting policies that only “uber” liberals could like, they might actually pursue policies that help people. The truth is that many of the favorite progressive policies fail, make no sense, or actually harm the intended beneficiaries.

This book puts progressive verities to the test, employing facts, data, and what the social science industry produces by way of well-constructed studies to examine the assumptions, claims, and proposals of the left. It avoids the political polemics of the past 30 years the have deteriorated into little more than unwarranted assertions and dismissal of facts that do not support one’s political positions.

This book addresses issues that “progressives” often think as settled and closed, not subject to discussion, and certainly not to challenge: education spending, school discipline, crime, gender, race relations, slavery, social welfare programs, guns, family, abortion, rape, religion, and “proper” language. It does so by presenting statistics and public opinion data, highlighting the results of studies done by academics, government agencies, and think tanks.

Most, probably all, of the arguments presented will upset and offend those firmly committed to liberal dogma and possessed of high doses of political correctness. If readers can set aside their own views for a while, if they are open-minded and honest, they will be treated to a different approach to today’s political issues. At the very least, they will be asked to engage on factual and analytical grounds their assumptions and convictions. They may still disagree, but they will be better off for having made the effort. This book does not address liberal positions that are valid, progressive policies that have worked, or proposals that make good sense. Moderate, reality-based liberals are not the intended audience, for they share an appreciation of evidence. The book aims at politically correct and “woke” liberals, and especially their captive student audiences, by asking them to consider the evidence.

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January 31, 2024